Owning a successful customer service and order fulfillment company, and being the mother to one very busy child, didn’t leave me with much time to kick back and relax. My plans to stop everything and drop into some ‘me’ time at the end of a long day usually fell short. My family wanted me to take more time for myself, but they had a hard time knowing which products would bring peace, relaxation and rejuvenation to these restful moments.

That’s when I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment. Why not give my family a place to shop that offered everything a man, woman or child craving relaxation time would want? There would be no confusion about the best relaxation products to purchase, and no excuses for me not to just stop, drop and relax.

Now it’s your turn to StopDropandRelax! Choose from quality products for the entire family, which are perfect for pampering time at home or away. You can rely on a premium product selection, as well as my 26+ years in professional customer service, to feel confident you’ll get just what you need to finally relax…