What They’re Saying About Comphy Sheets & Home Bedding Collection

The Comphy Co bedding is becoming more and more popular as more people are getting to know the name. This is even evident in the great feedback we have received from our customers. We felt it was important to share some of their thoughts to give you an idea of the exceptional line of bedding:

“I recently went for a massage at a local spa. As soon as the masseuse left the room, I lifted the corner of the sheet to find out who made this fabulous feeling bedding. As soon as I got home, I Googled the name and was so excited to find that you (Stop Drop and Relax) carried their home bedding. I received my sheet set within 2 days and have been in heaven ever since. Thank you for the great service” Kathy

“I had previously ordered the set of king sheets in the cream and decided to compliment them with The Comphy Co. blanket. I ordered it in the chocolate and the combination is fabulous!!!! The next item on by wish list is the matching shams and duvet.” Julie K

“Everyone kept telling me that these were the easiest sheets to own and oh so comfy. I called and talked to one of your representatives and they confirmed they were wrinkle-free and dried quickly. I was a skeptic, but no more. Microfiber is the way to go.” Lisa

We love to hear such positive feedback and know that others are in love with the bedding as much as we are. If you have not experienced The Comphy Co. Home Collection, please stop by and check out this fabulous line of bedding.  Find the entire line at Stop Drop and Relax.

16 thoughts on “What They’re Saying About Comphy Sheets & Home Bedding Collection

  1. We just got our sheets on Monday and I have to agree with all the comments. Absolutely love them. Thanks for quick shipment and excellent service.

  2. BEST sheets ever. This is my 2nd set. I ordered my latest set this past Saturday and got them Tuesday. Holy cow – you can’t get any better than that!!!!

  3. My wife ordered these sheets and they are the best. Thanks for the fast service. We got them in 2 days.

  4. I love Comphy sheets. I just sent my daughter off to college and got her a set of the Twin XL (dorm bed size) because I knew they would hold up. They don’t need ironing and I love that they are stain resistant, nothing better for a college student. Plus I feel like I am pampering her a little for her first time away.

  5. I purchased the chocolate sheets and tea green blanket. It looks great and my bed is now ready for fall.

  6. I discovered the sheets at a spa and was excited to hear that they had a home line. I hope they expand into different colors, but for now, I love the cream. Thanks for everything.

  7. I slept on your sheets while out west on the coast in a hidden little hotel. I LOVED them. I just received two sets of sheets for our wedding, but as soon as I don’t feel guilty, I will order a set of comphy. Maybe buy a set for a Christmas gift!

  8. I shouldn’t admit this, but our dog sleeps in our bed. He sheds a ton and these are the only sheets we have found that wash up and the hair completely comes out during washing. You have made a very happy dog (and owner).

  9. Is this the original comphy sheet company. THe other comphy sheet company said they do not deliver retail. I used them in the Atlanic spa and resort in Reno and loved them. I just want to make sure this is the company and there are not others

  10. Love your sheets, but would really like to have them in a darker sage or olive green and a golden color. I have the brown, but can’t change them to another color because none of the others will work. :( Any chance of adding colors any time soon?

  11. I purchased 2 sets of comphy co. sheet set. I am so very impressed with these. I feel like im in cloud every day with my tempurpedic mattress. Great SHEETS!!!

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